Weekly Gardening Thread (June 10)

Come show off your green thumb, Avocados! Garden vicariously through others! Or just start your week off right by looking at pretty growing things.

Figured I’d put more into the header this week and see how it goes. The image at the top is a fat bumblebee visiting my peonies, which finally popped this week:

Minnesota was sunny with temps nearing 90 all last week, which the tomatoes couldn’t get enough of. You can see how much they’ve grown in a week:

We’re also very close to having raspberries:

The bush has grown like crazy this year and is at least double the size it was last year, when we were harvesting about a pint of raspberries a week.

Mantis ootheca watch, day 35: Still nothing! It said they should hatch in 2-6 weeks, so..

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