Game of Thrones Character Tournament – Nominations

Despite its ultimate shortcomings as a series, one of my favorite aspects of  Game of Thrones remains the massive cast of characters it featured over its eight years on air. And now that the show has wrapped up, it seems like an appropriate a time as any for the Avocado to determine who the best of the bunch were. From the one-season wonders and scene stealers to the main stars of the show.

(And I guess it goes without saying there won’t be any policing of spoilers here, anything from all eight seasons of the show is fair game to talk about)

This is best character by whatever metric you want judge that, so don’t be weary of voting for characters who are terrible people if you think they’re terrible people in the best way.

I don’t imagine this will be a complicated nomination process. Just throw out your favorite characters from the show into the comments, try to avoid posting characters who have already been nominated, and upvote your favorites. I will try to start us out by nominating the characters who seem to me like obvious contenders in this tournament, but you add whoever you like. If you really believe Lommy deserves to be in this tournament, all the power to you.

This is, to be clear, a tournament for characters from the Game of Thrones TV Series, not for characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Meaning, characters from the books who never made it to the show in any form unfortunately won’t make the cut here either. And in voting, you should probably have the TV version of characters in mind rather than the book version. But I can’t control you, so you can ignore that and vote however you want.

I will allow characters who didn’t properly appear in the show but briefly appeared in flashbacks or at least were mentioned by name at some point. I’m not of the opinion characters of this type deserve to make it far in this tournament, but it’s allowed.

I might regret this, but I’ve decided to go ahead and allow animal characters to be included, though I would like the Final Four to not just be all the cute doggys. Just giving animals a separate mini-bracket is an option in my mind.

The number of characters who advanced to the tournament stage will be based on whatever seems like a reasonable number based on the results of the nominations. Nominations will end whenever votes seem to have sufficiently slowed down.