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The Thursday Politics Thread Won’t Leave The Bus

Morning Politocadoes,

Following a devastating milkshake attack in Newcastle, Nigel Farage sheltered in his Brexit Bus on Wednesday when several milkshake-wielding assailants were spotted by supporters. Nevertheless, he remained ‘cautiously close’ to the bus while greeting supporters. When asked by the Guardian if he had a spare suit, he did not respond. Other politicians in the UK have similarly been ‘milkshaked’ among them Tommy Robinson and Carl ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Benjamin. So who would’ve thought milkshakes would be so effective in canceling horrible politicians? Perhaps we should adopt the tactic. Which fastfood restaurant’s milkshake would do the best coverage?

Nigel Farage shelters on campaign bus to avoid milkshake attack

Alas, our slovenly, criminal President might welcome it. I can see him now shamelessly sucking the milkshake stains out of his awful tie at a rally to rapturous applause. Ah well.

What might actually scare him though? Congress getting his taxes. In addition to a bill being passed by the NY state legislature that would close the loop on double jeopardy (allowing for NY to prosecute any officials who receive a pardon from the President), another bill allowing Congress to view the President’s NY state tax returns has also passed the legislature. Governor Cuomo is expected to sign both bills.

In addition to that, Wells Fargo and TD Bank have already given Trump-related financial documents to the House Financial Services Committee. Moreover, Judge Ramos decreed that Deutsche Banke and CapitalOne may move forward with providing Trump financial records to House Democrats in a suit filed by the Trump offspring to challenge the Congressional subpoenas. Deutsche Banke also announced that they intended to comply with the requests.

Ah infrastructure week. And we’re not even to the weekend yet!

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