The Day Thread is 260 lb of Good Lovin’ (4/28)

In his paean to his size, Heavy D of Mount Vernon, NY (a.k.a. The Overweight Lover, a.k.a. Dwight Myers) shows no shame about his girth.  In fact, he takes the old chestnut that there’s “more of me to love” and expound proficiently on his many erotic qualities.

The more the beef, the more there is to squeeze, indeed!

And would you doubt Mr. D being a Tower of Power?  I dare you to say that to his face, you prole.

After all, he’s the one being backed by ghosts of Motown singers pretending to be Jean Knight.  Not only is the man a fantastic lover, he clearly has supernatural powers.  Best not disrespect a man who gets hellos and what-nots from the young-in’s and the vets.

 (And yeah, that last one is an actual lyric.)

By the way, I miss the era of hip-hop where everyone was wearing gaudy endorsements.  The NWA, of course, had their Raiders gear.  Heavy D?  Coca-Cola, REPRESENT!

Sadly, the chunky but funky rapper died of a pulmonary embolism at the too young age of 44.  We’ll always have your fun music, Lover.