What Did You Do This Weekend?

This weekend I finished running my first game of Werewolf here on the Avocado, Toontown Terror.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Werewolf, it’s a fun and social (and occasionally infuriating) game where all your favorite Avocadoans try to murder each other.

One of the aspects of the game I enjoy the most is that each player takes on a character that is usually related to the theme of the game (or sometimes a player will just play a talking tree for no reason). The roleplaying typically drops off as the game nears the end and players start to panic about finding the hidden wolves.

A twist that I introduced into Toontown Terror was asking the players to draw their favorite cartoon characters. (Some will say that I “forced” them to do it, but really, it was optional, I swear.) So I thought I would use this space to feature some of the original art that players created for the game.

Prysma Starshimmer (a character created by The Hayes Code)

Hayes - Prysma

Hilda and Twig (by Lamb Dance)

Lamb - Hilda and Twig

Brak (by Hohopossum)

Hoho - Brak

Calvin (by sic humor)


Nancy (by MacCrocodile)

Mac - Nancy

Lazer (an original? character by Lord Stoneheart)

Stoneheart - Lazer

Jake Got A Gun, a tribute to a trigger-happy player that murdered the town investigator (by Snugglewumps)

Snugs - jake got a gun

What did you do this weekend?