Wereweasel 83: Toontown Terror, Day 5


ANNOUNCER: And now, the nations of the world, brought to you by Yakko Warner!

(YAKKO leaps in from off-screen. He starts singing to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.)


♫ United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama,
Haiti, Jamaica, Peru,
Republic Dominican, Cuba, Caribbean,
Greenland, El Salvador, too.

Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela,
Honduras, Guyana, and still,
Guatemala, Bolivia, then Argentina,
And Ecuador, Chile, Brazil.

Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bermuda,
Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan,
Paraguay, Uruguay, Suriname,
And French Guiana, Barbados, and GuaAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGCCCCKKKK!!!!

(A monstrous claw rips through the map, grabbing YAKKO by the neck. He is yanked through the hole. We then hear the sounds of growling and tearing.)

YAKKO: Goodnight everybodeeeeeEEEEEEE…

(We hear chewing and swallowing, then footsteps running off. The map falls on what’s left of YAKKO’s corpse.)

MR. I’M MY OWN GRANDFATHER (Yakko Warner) has died. He was a TOONTOWN TOON (Vanilla Town).

ANNOUNCER: CUT! Could someone find out if Wakko is available instead?


(Geoff the tree stands in the grassy, bucolic meadow, happily singing a song.)

GEOFF (singing):

♫ My name is Geoff, I am a tree!
Aren’t you jealous you aren’t me?
My branches, leaves, trunk, and roots
Are clearly my best attributes!

(Adorable critters skitter and flit around Geoff, singing in harmony.)

My birdie friends use my branches to rest
I am more than happy to hold their nest
My squirrel friends hide their nuts in me
Because, you see, I am a tree!

(The music swells as the sun moves out from behind a cloud, bathing the tree in warm, angelic light.)

I have no need to shed tears,
For I will live ten thousand years!
I certainly will never cry
Because I certainly can never die!


GREASY: Lookee here, Wheezy. A singing tree!

WHEEZY: Eso es raro, los árboles no pueden cantar.

GREASY: Why don’t you make like a tree … and DIE!!

(The weasels fire their dip guns at GEOFF, who screams and melts into a gooey puddle.)

JAKE (Geoff the Tree) has died. She was a TOONTOWN TOON (Vanilla Town).

GREASY: They ain’t never gonna catch us!

WHEEZY: ¡Nunca!

(The weasels run off, laughing.)



The Toontown faction wins the game when all weasels are dead and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • 5 Vanilla Town: No night actions.
  • 1 Investigator: Must investigate the faction of one player as a night action.
  • 1 Jailer: Must choose another player to put in jail, protecting their target from all other night actions. Cannot pick the same target on consecutive nights. The jailed player is unable to use their night action if they have one.
  • 2 1 Town Drunk: May choose to put themselves in jail as a night action, protecting them from all other night actions. A Town Drunk may only use their power ONCE during the game. and at that time, the Jailer will be informed of their identity. A Town Drunk’s action cannot be blocked. If the Jailer is killed by scum on the same night a Town Drunk is in jail, the Town Drunk is also killed, regardless of whether the Drunk self-jailed or was put there by the Jailer. The Town Drunks share a QT.


The Weasels faction wins the game when the number of weasel players equals the number of Toontown players and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • Smarty Weasel: Must block the night action of a non-weasel player. Cannot target the same person two nights in a row.
  • Psycho Weasel: Has access to a number of secret “Psycho Schemes”. Once per night, this weasel must choose a Scheme and a player to give this Scheme to. Any player is eligible to receive a Scheme, including weasels.
  • Wheezy Weasel: Inherits the unused Psycho Schemes if the Psycho Weasel is killed.
  • Greasy Weasel: If investigated, the result returns as “Toon”.


  • An evil monstrosity has been set free in Toontown. It is still hungry.


-You cannot edit any of your posts.

-No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

-All night actions are mandatory (except for one-shot actions such as the Town Drunk).

-If a day ends in a tie vote, a random player will be chosen from all living players and killed (weighted towards the tied players and those who didn’t vote that day).


1.The Hayes Code // Prysma Starshimmer (PSYCHO WEASEL)
2.Hohopossum // Captain Cavepossum
3.sic humor // Goofy
4.Admirax // Cuphead (VANILLA TOWN)
5.Lindsay // Scooby Doo and Shaggy (INVESTIGATOR)
6.Mayelbridwen // Hattie the Heffalump (JAILER)
7.Doctor Nick // Doctor Nick (VANILLA TOWN)
8.April // Teen Girl Squad (SMARTY WEASEL)
9.Queen Light // Elsa and Anna
10.Snugglewumps // Linda Belcher
11.Colonel Mustard // Penfold
12.MacCrocodile // Gertie the Dinosaur
13.Jake // Geoff the Tree (again) (VANILLA TOWN)
14.Josephus Brown // Koko the Clown (VANILLA TOWN)
15.Lord Stoneheart // Kyle
16.Grumproro // Lemongrab
17.Lamb Dance // Pikachu (VANILLA TOWN)
18.Little Miss Giggle Fits // Dot Warner
19.DW // Peter B. Parker (VANILLA TOWN)
20.Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather // Yakko Warner (VANILLA TOWN)
21.Captain Video // Killjoy (TOWN DRUNK)


Louie Blue
Spiny Creature


You are a TOONTOWN TOON (VANILLA TOWN). Your goal is to eliminate the Weasels and uncover the secret identity of ???. You win when your faction achieves its goal, even if you’re dead.

highly recommend choosing the “Get Email” option on this thread, because a lot is going to be happening at night in this game. Something might happen to you even though you have a vanilla role.

*Please reply to this QT to confirm that you’ve seen it.*


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Day Five ends on Saturday, 2/2 at 1:00PM PST (4:00 PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.