Werewolves 81: Pet Sematary – Chapter 6

Quietness settled on Lupinville like a warm furry pelt. After the events of the past week the Town heaved a collective tenuous sigh of relief. There was even the sound of laughter and the clinking of bottles coming from Mello’s Tavern. There was one person who wasn’t quite able to relax, though.

Jon was having one of “Those Nights” again. They came less frequently since he started seeing his psychiatrist, but they still came. And Jon had somehow forgotten to get a refill on his Xanax.
“Fuck my life,” Jon mumbled into his tumbler of gin. “Fuck my life and that GODDAMN CAT STRAIGHT TO HELL!”
The words echoed painfully off the walls of Jon’s closet-sized room he rented from old Mrs. Admirax. Sitting on his couch, the only piece of furniture aside from a side table, Jon heard the doorbell ring, the sound of footsteps, and the opening of the front door. A mumbled exchange was followed by Mrs. Admirax’s cigarette-infused baritone.
There were footsteps on the stairway leading up to Jon’s room. He waited to hear the squeak of that give-away 13th step. Just as he heard it, the doorbell rang again. More footsteps, the reopening of the front door, a mumbled exchange, and another yelp from Mrs. Admirax.
There was a slight knock at his door, then it opened.
“Oh, hey, I didn’t expect to see-”
Squeak went the 13th step.
“-you. Come on in!”
The doorbell rang a third time, and an exasperated cry came from Mrs. Admirax.
Jon’s guest moved quickly across the small room, seized his head in his hands, and without waiting began chewing noisily on Jon’s head.
Footsteps. Front door opening. Mumbled exchange. Blood running down into Jon’s eyes.
“JON!!!!! ANOTHER VISITOR! REMEMBER WHAT I SAID ABOUT NO PARTIES!!!!! fucking fuckety fuck grumble grumble…”
Jon was able to barely make out his second visitor before his first finished their ghoulish business.
JON ARBUCKLE/LINDSAY has died and been turned into a GHOUL.
Squeak went the 13th step.
“Hey,” went the first visitor.
“Hey yourself,” said the second visitor.
“Are you?”
“Cool, we gotta get the fuck outta here.”
Nodding, the second visitor picked up the side table and hucked it through the lone window. Neither felt the cold air rushing in. Looking at each other they nodded and leapt, one after the other, through the busted window. They landed in a huge snow drift with a poof, then scrambled down the street and out of sight.

A slight knock came at Jon’s doorframe and then uh, John, the Town’s new ME entered.
“Hooooooly shitknockers!”
uh, John was frozen in place by the eye-searing tableau in front of him. Pictures of an obese orange cat doing various activities, like eating lasagna, covered every square inch of the tiny room. Never in all his days had uh, John seen anything so wretched and stomach churning.
Then he noticed Jon’s slumped body on the couch.
“Shit! Where’s that fucking syringe A Sloth gave me?”
uh, John reached into his medical pouch, drew out the syringe, and plunged it into Jon’s foot, just like how A Sloth had shown him. Five seconds passed, and uh, John began getting nervous. On the tenth second Jon’s eyes fluttered open.
“Did I just Odie?”
“You sure did, but you’re all better now, friend!”
Hurray, Town!

Mayor Bun Bun woke from his nap and decided to go and visit his friend, Bert the Turtle. Bert had been in a bad way recently, and Bun Bun suspected it was radiation poisoning. He’d been irrationally talking about opening a SEARS. She hopped over to the small house that had Bert’s custom bomb shelter in the backyard. She rear-foot thumped on the metal door, and on the second try it swung easily open. Bun Bun hopped down the stairs to find the lights on, the shelves fully stocked, and an empty spare turtle shell in the corner with a “Gone Fishin'” sign hanging off of it. Bun Bun sadly sighed and wished her friend safe travels.
BERT THE TURTLE/CAPTAIN VIDEO has left Town. He was VANILLA TOWN but oh so badly wanted to be SHERIFF, you monsters.

1)Goat — (Not-so-Giant)Hogweed
2)Hayes — Klaus – GHOUL
3)InnDE — The Budweiser Frogs
4)sic — DWIGHT!!! – SHERIFF
5)Annanomally — Peter Porker — JAILERCHURCHILL
6)dw — Red Miller — SHERIFF
7)Lord Stoneheart — uh, John (Really JEB! but shhhhh) – SHERIFFMEDICAL EXAMINER
8)Captain Video – Bert the Turtle – GONE FISSION
9)Shinichiki — Intense Chicken – GHOUL
11)Mayelbridwen — A Bunch of Zombie Flies – GHOUL
12)Mac- Marty Stu MacCrocodile – GAGE
13)Louie — Eleanor Bunny — MAYOR
14)moonstermash — Taylor
15)Library Lass — Nightmares
16)Owen — Heat Miser
17)Nick — Mickey Mouse
18)Sister Jude — Manic Pixie Death Girl
19)Lindsay — Jon Arbuckle
20)Thoughts — Mrs. Frisby


MAYOR — Heads the Town Council. Has veto power on any decisions made.
SHERIFF — Has six kill shots.
JAILER — Can protect/block a player each night.
MEDICAL EXAMINER — Can cure a player each night.

None of these actions can be used on the same player on successive Nights.
The Town Council Members share a QT and were protected from Night actions on their first Night in office. THE TOWN COUNCIL IS NOW LOCKED IN. THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER CHANGES. ALL MEMBERS ARE OPEN TO NIGHT ACTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT.
Please clap, and please make at least three comments per Chapter. Due to the nature of our game we’re going to ask players to be fairly tight lipped post-Twilight and post-death. No editing of comments and absolutely no quoting, direct or otherwise, of QTs without Mods’ approval. This will seriously be frowned upon!
This is a game, and it gets intense at times, so please remember to attack arguments not people or play styles.

Twilight will be at 5pm PST 1/9/19 or whatever jake says is EST.

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