To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E05: “Captive Pursuit “

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

We begin with Sisko, who is talking to a woman with forehead ridges and red hair. She’s a Dabo girl.


I’m not sure how to describe her outfit – I think it’s a red dress with a sort of shawl over top it? Not nearly as sexy or revealing as some other Dabo girls we’ll see in the future. I do like her hair color, though.

Miss Sarda is having problems with Quark. Apparently Quark has made sexual advances, beginning 5 minutes after she arrived, and said it’s part of the job. She told him no and that he should keep his hands to himself. He repeated that it’s part of the job. Sarda then points out that he’s actually correct, and shows Sisko the employment contract.

Sisko assures her he’ll take care of it and leads her to a secret elevator at the back of his office that I don’t recall ever seeing before.


Kira interrupts his goodbyes to say that something is coming through the wormhole. They’re not expecting anyone, and so are alarmed; Sisko goes to yellow alert.

A ship appears. It seems to be damaged, and not matching anything in Starfleet files. A single humanoid life form is on board. Sisko says to hail it.

An alien appears on the screen.


Interesting character design on this guy. They’re clearly going off a reptilian or maybe amphibian model with some head ridges and slight color changing on the head. His outfit appears made of a similarly leather-like material, but more flexible than, say, the Cardassian outfits.

Sisko says welcome. The alien says he was following a small ship and passed through an anomaly, which they realize is the wormhole. Sisko invites him to come to the station, but the alien says he has no time. However, his ship is about to break up. Sisko says to transport the alien aboard, but the alien refuses to abandon his vessel. O’Brien suggests they use a tractor beam, and kind of talks the alien through the process, patiently explaining what they’re doing.

Sisko suggests O’Brien meets the alien alone, as it will be less intimidating, and they seem to already have bonded a bit. O’Brien agrees.


The alien ship is weird design. O’Brien enters, cautiously. He doesn’t see the alien. Sensors say he’s there though.


Talking aloud under the assumption the alien can hear him, O’Brien says not to worry, and he’s going to look at the ship and try to fix it. He has never seen anything quite like this ship, though. He mumbles some technobabble while he looks.

The alien appears behind him, surprising O’Brien and making him bang his head on the console. He says some technobabble about why his ship isn’t working. O’Brien tells him not to sneak up. Alien asks if the ship can be repaired but O’Brien doesn’t know what a “colladrium flow” is, nor how to fix it.

He introduces himself to the alien, also sharing that his species is Human, and learns that the alien is Tosk. It’s not clear if he means that’s his name or his species. He persuades the alien to leave his ship, as they have to wait for the reactor to cool down before they can work.

Tosk says that the ship was damaged passing through the wormhole. Tosk is afraid of the security sensor which goes off when O’Brien passes through with his phaser on, as it makes a loud noise, but O’Brien calms him down again.

They pass the medical center, as Tosk calls it, and Tosk pauses to study Bashir with interest.

Bashir giving O’Brien the “um, what’s going on?” look here. 

I originally put in my notes here that Bashir was talking to a nurse, but I’m not sure if that’s what she is. I haven’t seen any skirt uniforms, even amongst the Bajorans. The dress is kind of any ugly color, but sort of almost works with the red shirt under it.

We can see that Tosk is clearly wearing a one-piece jumpsuit.

He asks how many people are on the station (300) and what is the purpose of it. O’Brien admits he feels like it’s a flea market, but the real job is to watch the wormhole.

O’Brien tells him that Tosk is the first one to visit from the other side of the wormhole and their mission in Starfleet is to meet new cultures and learn from them.

They’re passing by Quark’s now; Quark is arguing with a customer who is apparently trying to cheat at Dabo. He kicks out a blue skinned woman, telling her to leave. Tosk watches the woman leave with interest.

Is she flirting with them? Alarmed by their interest? Daring them? 

I really like the fabric her outfit is made of, kind of multi-colored but also with a shimmery tint to it. It looks like kind of a robe, with pants and a dress made of the same fabric.

We can also see Bajoran priest (not sure if that’s the accurate term. Monk? Mystical Man?) in the background in typical orange robes with orange hood.

O’Brien asks if Tosk is an explorer or scientist, but Tosk simply repeats he is Tosk. O’Brien then shows him to some quarters and suggests he get some rest. Tosk says he only requires 17 minutes of sleep per rotation. O’Brien says he needs 8 hours a night.

O’Brien asks if he’d like some food. Tosk says that liquid nutrients are stored in plasmic fibers throughout his body.


It seems like Tosk is also wearing boots of the same color as his jumpsuit. This seems to be common in Star Trek, to the extent footwear is ever really visible or discussed. The seaming on his outfit appear to be decorative only.

O’Brien leaves. Tosk says thanks. He explores the quarters. He goes to the computer screen and asks for a display of the facility – interior. He asks to see where the weapons are stored. The computer shows him where they are, but tells him that access is restricted to security clearance 7 and above.


Okay, so remember in the last episode when Quark wanted to know where the replicators on the command level were (so he could steal from them)? He wasn’t able to see that information without doing some computer magic to get higher security clearance. Now, maybe that’s because he’s Quark and so the station has wisely limited his access, but now Tosk asks to see weapons, and the computer is like “Okay yeah, there they are.” There’s more security for the location (but not the access of) replicators, as Quark had no trouble accessing the working replicators, but while it’d presumably be difficult for Quark to access weapons, it’d be easy for him to know where they are.

O’Brien gives his impressions to Sisko. He says “A man who’s always looking over his shoulder is waiting for trouble to find him.” Is Tosk on the run? Maybe. Tosk wasn’t telling the whole truth about the damage to his ship – someone definitely took a shot at him.

Sisko says to stay with him as much as possible, and he’ll tell Odo to also keep an eye on him.

Back on Tosk’s ship, he is attempting to explain his technobabble to O’Brien. Something about things that convert space matter to fuel. They can just replicate new ones. He teaches Tosk to say “piece of cake.”

Apparently the repairs will take a day or two, as he’ll want to run some tests.

Tosk says he has no time. O’Brien says he needs to make sure his work is okay, lest Tosk come back and blame him if the parts fail. Tosk says he wouldn’t blame him; O’Brien says he was joking. Tosk admits he cannot tell when O’Brien is joking. O’Brien apologizes for this but says Tosk is a natural straight man.

At Quark’s there is a lot of cheering. Tosk says there’s nothing like it on his world. O’Brien explains to him that it’s for R&R – rest and relaxation. Tosk observes that they sleep a third of their rotation; the Alpha Quadrant has far too much downtime. O’Brien says he’s barely seen his wife the last three weeks so she’d probably laugh at that.

Quark appears.


He’s returned to his multicolored upholstery jacket this week, over the orange patterned shirt with horizontal stripes. Classic Quark.

O’Brien says that Quark will exploit your vices. Tosk apologizes, saying he has no vices. Quark gives O’Brien a look, then says “a challenge” in an eager voice. He suggests an adventure in a holosuite. A fantasy adventure. Tosk says he lives the greatest adventure one could ever desire, and has no need for fantasy.

Quark leaves; O’Brien asks him to explain what he meant. Tosk says he cannot discuss it. Quark returns with synthales.

O’Brien discusses Tosk with the other members of the crew. He says that despite the fact that Tosk is secretive and on the run, he kind of likes the guy. He doesn’t sense a threat of criminal intent or dishonesty. The others point out that he lied about how his ship was being damaged, but this doesn’t seem a huge secret. Bashir starts to offer to talk to him, theorizing that sometimes people open up to their doctors, but O’Brien just cuts him off. (For the record, this is a bad idea; no one takes him seriously. I wonder if they threw in the line because of some contractual obligation or something.)

Sisko points out they can’t hold him so if he doesn’t want to tell them, then he can go when his ship is fixed.

Tosk is messing with a computer in a hallway. Odo was pretending to be a painting on the wall (I think?) and he appears and asks Tosk what he thinks he is doing.


This is some weird art. Kind of 3D surrealism?

Tosk turns around and then vanishes into nothingness.


Odo quickly tells the computer to seal off the hallway that they’re in, and sure enough a moment later Tosk appears at one end of the hall, unable to go any further, and then at the other end of the hall.

Tosk says he’s done nothing to Odo, and Odo says he’s concerned about the security junction. Tosk says he must prepare, but he cannot discuss it, and he is Tosk.

Odo says he will have O’Brien look at the security junction to see what Tosk was doing. Tosk says he will not fight, so he lowers the security seals and the security officers who arrived to assist take Tosk off.

Sisko tries to interrogate Tosk, who is pacing a holding cell. He repeats that he cannot discuss it. Sisko says he can’t accept that as an answer. O’Brien appears and tells them it looks like Tosk was trying to access the weapons locker. Sisko asks what he was going to do with the weapons.

Odo asks if he is wanted by authorities for committing crimes.

Tosk says “Never. I am Tosk.”

Sisko says “What does that mean?” and he says “It’s all I can say.”

Sisko tells Odo to hold Tosk for now, and they’ll see if anyone comes looking for him. They leave.

O’Brien asks him to explain himself. Tosk just says that he needs to get out, and also “allow me to die with honor.”

This explains nothing to O’Brien. He asks who wants to kill Tosk, who just repeats it again.

O’Brien talks to Odo, says he feels responsible for talking him on board. He still doesn’t think Tosk means any harm. Odo is skeptical.

The wormhole opens again and another ship that seems to be of similar design to Tosk’s appears. They hail the ship, but no one replies. A white light that Dax identifies as a modulated particle beam scans the station. O’Brien senses that they might be preparing to transport. Kira orders shields up.

They try to hail again. The ship bombards them with some kind of radiation O’Brien’s never seen before. This reverses the polarity of the shields. The aliens are beaming on to the promenade.


Sisko calls for security and tells O’Brien and Kira to accompany him to the promenade. The aliens appear in old school red jumpsuits with helmets.


I really have to hand it to the costume designer on these outfits – they scream “old school sci-fi alien invaders” to me. Helmets that don’t give a view of the face, bright red jumpsuits, thigh-high leather boots, and random belts and shoulder straps. They’d be right at home in War of the Worlds.

Sisko tells his crew to ready phasers.

Sisko tells the invaders to put down their weapons. Odo steps forward. One of the aliens backhands him to the ground. Sisko drags him off to safety. Kira starts shooting. One of the aliens deflects the beam with his arm but another is felled by Sisko’s shot.


The first is then felled by O’Brien, but then the second recovers.

Sisko tells everyone to increase the settings on their phasers. A full on shootout has erupted. Odo thinks they’re after Tosk. Kira says maybe they have a right to him. Odo says no one is abducting a prisoner from his brig as long as he’s alive. Kira offers him a phaser but he refuses and says he never touches them.


I’m just including this screenshot because it’s pretty cool. I like the action pose Kira’s doing, I like the “oh no” face from Odo, I like the lighting of their faces as a result of the phaser beam, and I like the gender-roles-reversal thing of the strong woman protecting the man.

The alien shoots some kind of mini torpedo at the security office, destroying the door.

and after.

He steps in and heads for the holding cells. Tosk is invisible so there is no sign of him in any of the cells, but the alien has a red light on his helmet and he uses this to find Tosk anyway.


Tosk appears, standing on the bed.

Sisko, O’Brien, and Odo run in in time to see the alien speak in to a communicator on his arm: “I have Tosk. Alive. It is over.”

The aliens in the promenade transport out.

The alien in the brig removes his helmet.


Double turtleneck? The outer jumpsuit, which I assumed earlier to be some kind of latex or something, looks like it’s felt or some other thicker material. Which is probably better for many reasons.

I dig the alien’s hair. His nostrils are a pretty unique look, also. I don’t think he ever identifies himself or his species; Memory Alpha refers to him as The Hunter, so I guess I’ll go with that rather than just “the alien.”

“What a disappointment after such an entertaining beginning,” he says; “the aliens gave us a good resistance.” He wonders how Tosk has managed to get them to help him without violating his oath of silence. Tosk says he told them nothing.

The Hunter is still unhappy that Tosk is caged and captured; it is a disgrace to all Tosk he says, and a disappointing hunt.

Sisko steps forward at that point – this has been a hunt and Tosk is the prey? The alien looks him up and down with some disgust.


You’re right, he says, this Tosk is unworthy of such a noble description. He then tells Tosk that for his dishonor he will endure the greatest humiliation Tosk can know – to be captured and brought home alive. He will live out his existence on public display.

He tells Sisko to release Tosk, but Sisko is kind of pissed now that he knows it’s just a hunt. “I’m not inclined to take orders from you,” he says.

He tells Odo to watch the prisoner while they discuss it in private. He also tells The Hunter that if they try to take Tosk by force he’ll open fire on the alien ship. “Over this Tosk?” the alien asks, incredulous.

Derisive snort, they depart.

O’Brien is confused. Tosk dejected.

The Hunter is confused – don’t you have such traditions of hunting on your world? Sisko admits that they did and some cultures still do, but none of them hunt anything sentient. The Hunter says Tosk is sentient because they have made him sentient. He’s been bred for the hunt. His entire reason to exist is the hunt – to make it fun and exciting as possible.

Sisko is just pissed, and says he has no tolerance for abuse of life forms. The alien is confused. He says “we honor Tosk” they are symbol of all that is noble and courageous, they train and condition all their lives for this event. They’re proud of their role in the culture.

Sisko admits he cannot judge what is right or wrong in their culture, but on this station… The Hunter then holds up a hand and says that in the future they cannot pass through the wormhole on the hunt.

Sisko is clearly still pissed but doesn’t argue. The Hunter leaves.

Sisko tells the others he has agreed to release Tosk. O’Brien is not happy. But Sisko says they can’t interfere in the aliens’ culture. Kira suggests that Tosk request asylum. Sisko says if he asks for it. O’Brien goes to talk to Tosk.

O’Brien says they are willing to protect Tosk. Tosk says “I am Tosk, I cannot hide here behind protection. It is against everything I believe.” O’Brien says “you’d rather live in a cage on public display?”

Tosk says to stay would be greater dishonor. He says “I am Tosk, the hunted. I live to outwit the hunters for another day, to survive until I die with honor.”

This will not be Tosk’s fate, but he will not deny his existence as Tosk. He says thank you but he cannot request asylum.

O’Brien is maybe convinced because although he obviously thinks the whole thing bonkers, he doesn’t argue.

Quark is not impressed with the visitors; none have bought any drinks. He offers to listen to O’Brien, thinking he has trouble with “the little woman” but O’Brien threatens him and says everything is fine, but he sure as hell wouldn’t talk to Quark about any marital problems. Quark observes that O’Brien’s face gets pink when he’s upset, more than any other human’s, and he came in that way.

Quark still keeps trying to listen. O’Brien is upset about the rules – Tosk’s hunters play by rules, Starfleet plays by rules; Tosk is caught in the middle. Before Quark can advise, O’Brien decides to change the rules. Feeling bolstered in his role as Listener, Quark goes to talk to another customer.


This guy looks drunk, or maybe just sleeping. He’s got some ribbing on the sleeves, and kind of leather shoulders in that color-blocking style. It’s kind of giving him a medieval look, almost.

Meanwhile The Hunter is preparing to escort Tosk away; he puts a collar on him and they prepare to leave. O’Brien comes in and says that Sisko has ordered him to escort the prisoner to the transporter pad. Odo doesn’t believe him and storms off.

O’Brien gives a speech to The Hunter about how they’re very sorry to have interfered with the hunt and how he wants to give high priority to getting along with other cultures, and as a gesture of apology, goodwill, and respect, he’ll give him an official escort to his ship.

O’Brien then dumps his comm badge on the table as they leave.

Meanwhile Odo storms into Sisko’s office to complain that Starfleet shouldn’t be taking charge of a prisoner transport. (I’m not sure why he didn’t just use the communicator to call Sisko if he doubted O’Brien’s claim. Maybe he didn’t want to argue in front of the prisoner and the visiting alien?)

Sisko is confused. He hasn’t given any such orders. He calls O’Brien but of course O’Brien doesn’t hear because his badge is on the desk.

The Hunter starts to step into the airlock but the security sensor has been modified, and he is thrown backward. O’Brien punches him.


He then leads Tosk up the stairs.

The Hunter taps the communicator on his arm and says that the hunt has resumed.

O’Brien and Tosk run up some stairs, heading toward Tosk’s now repaired ship. Another alien beams in; Tosk leaps over O’Brien and tackles the guy, causing him to fall to the floor below.

Kira reports there is a fight on the promenade, and O’Brien has set Tosk loose. Dax reports that they’re in an access conduit above Quark’s, heading for the docking ring. Odo says he’ll seal the adjoining corridors. Sisko tells him there’s no hurry. At first Odo is confused, but then he nods and strolls slowly on to the turbolift.

O’Brien and Tosk are crawling through the conduit. They pause so O’Brien can open Tosk’s collar. He tells O’Brien he is now also Tosk; O’Brien laughs.

O’Brien is explaining that he’s never seen a scanning device penetrate the conduits but then there is explosion, so obviously the Hunters have better scanners. They open a panel in the floor and drop down on another alien who is patrolling. Tosk takes his weapon. They are almost there until aliens appear. They shoot at O’Brien and Tosk they evade.

O’Brien is ready to shoot back but Tosk pushes him aside and uses the alien weapon to shoot. This knocks them all down.


Tosk and O’Brien rush past. It’s not clear if the Hunters live, but there is steam (smoke?) rising from their bodies, so I don’t think they’ll get up quickly.

Tosk and O’Brien enter the ship. The hunt is on. Tosk invites O’Brien to join, but O’Brien refuses; he has a wife and kid waiting for him. Tosk wonders if he will be punished; O’Brien says maybe.

Tosk says “die with honor.” O’Brien is a little creeped out, but he repeats the phrase to Tosk, then departs. Tosk gets his ship working again and flies off.

O’Brien then tells Sisko that the weapons sensors overloaded and that’s why the alien was knocked out there. Also they overloaded because he increased their output by about 200%. Sisko says this is clearly assault and Starfleet Command will not be happy; how is he going to report their first encounter with a species from the other side of the wormhole? He points out that O’Brien ignored his duty to Starfleet, took off his comm badge to ignore Sisko, and ignored the Prime Directive by interfering in the hunt.

O’Brien is appropriately chastised. As he’s leaving he says that he’s surprised that Sisko and Odo didn’t stop him and Tosk by throwing up some security seals to stop them. Sisko shrugs and says “I guess that one got by us.”