Day Thread of the Muppet Snowman

Today’s day thread is brought to you by a criminally underrated member of the Muppet kingdom: the adorable snowman from the wonderful 1987 TV special A Muppet Family Christmas.

His design is simple and classic, sort of looking like a real-life version of the killer snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes. Created by Fozzie (this being set at his mother’s house, I guess he has a handy supply of his signature beat-up hats just sitting around) and with Richard Hunt doing some sort of old time radio voice, the two hit it off immediately and become partners in bad comedy.

Heckled to melty tears during their first routine by Statler and Waldorf (Snowman didn’t know that to be heckled by the very masters of heckling is a milestone in one’s career), he goes back outside and chills with the penguins, who will apparently laugh at anything, until coming back for the final number.

Snowman was last seen making a cameo in The Muppet Christmas Carol, the other best holiday thing ever, losing his head in front of these unwashed Dickensians.


Have a wonderful day and WATCH OUT FOR THAT ICY PATCH!