Night Thread of the Robotic Santaman (12/2)

The Robotic Santaman is a henchman (henchrobot?) of Stingy Relenque, a duplicitous French-Canadian smuggler determined to steal all the Hot Jones and ruin Decemberween! When supercop Dangeresque and his partner, Firebert from the Cheat Commandos, corner Stingy Relenque at the Hot Jones factory, they are ambushed in a trap laid by the villain wearing a modified Greatest American Hero outfit. They are then at the mercy of the Robotic Santaman, who seems innocent at first but sprouts a pair for sharp blades from each hand!

How will our heroes escape from this predicament? Will there be enough Hot Jones for the BYOHJ party at the Cheat Commandos headquarters on Decemberween?

The “Dangeresque: Puppet Squad: Hot Jones Hi-Jack” is a rare several times crossover within the Homestar Runner universe. It is a puppet episode, a Heat Commandos episode, a Dangeresque episode, and a Decemberween episode all rolled into one! Plus it gave us the memorable Decemberween classic ditty celebrating the coming of Santaman:

Santaman is a blade man.

He’s coming to town to cut your whole family down!