The Day Thread Learns about Lemurs

You never know when some random facts about lemurs might come in handy (such as in the daily Avocado Trivia Tournament), so here we go!

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Lemur Lessons

Female lemurs run the show in lemur society, and they’re often kind of jerks about it. Misandry! Side note: A group of lemurs is called a conspiracy, so female lemurs control lemur conspiracies. It figures. Ladies are such gossips.


Of course we weren’t talking about you, Fran.

Lemurs range in size from the 2.5-inch pygmy mouse to the 2.5-foot indri. Their cuteness is inversely related to their size.

Okay, the indri is still cute, but it looks like a small human in a lemur suit. I bet it opens pickle jars like a champ.

Male lemurs work out their issues via “stink fights,” wherein they get their tails all stinky and waft them at each other to settle disputes.


Now this will be a straight stink off, old school rules.

Lemurs are the only primates, besides humans, that can have blue eyes. As with humans, it really raises the creepy factor.

I have these eyes too; I’m allowed to say it.

Here are some cool lemurs I met at the zoo.


And I saw one of the lemurs, and the lemur licked at me.


Have a wonderful day, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving Eve (or, for our non-American friends, Happy Wednesday)!