Lost to Time

Growing up, I took it as a given that no piece of pop culture I enjoyed was ever truly gone. There were libraries and video stores full to bursting with media from across the decades, and it seemed like any TV show you might care to watch was being rerun on one of the hundred-something cable channels. And with the rise of the Internet, it seemed like there should be no reason the whole breadth of human pop culture shouldn’t be just a few mouseclicks away.

Sadly, as I grew older, I discovered that that wasn’t the case. I’m sure many of us have some book, or movie, or song, or TV show that we wish we could experience again, but there are just no longer copies to be found. Maybe they’re genuine lost films or episodes, where no one knows where you could find a surviving copy, or if any still exist. Or maybe the owners of the work still keep some copies around, in a storage room or saved on an old harddrive, but there just hasn’t been enough demand for the material for them to bother releasing it. Either way, the chances of you ever seeing this work again seem horribly slim.

Even things that originated on the Internet, where supposedly nothing is ever really gone, can vanish into the ether if the person who posted them took them down, and no one thought to make a copy (or bothered to upload the copy they do have). We’ve had this happen right here on the Avocado, where this past year has seen Ruck Colchez and Gooch Extension, who wrote some of the finest television reviews on the site, leave us for greener pastures, deleting their articles on the Avocado and, as far as I can tell, not uploading them anywhere else since.

Maybe it’s a sign that my priorities are messed up (heck, it almost certainly is) but the idea that a piece of media, any piece of media (but especially one I once enjoyed) can just disappear forever . . . that makes me very, very sad.

So I’m creating this thread for us to commemorate and reminisce about all those pieces of pop culture we once enjoyed, and (outside of an old videotape being discovered in someone’s basement) are never likely to see again. To all the pop culture that’s been lost to time: salud.