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The Thursday Politics Thread Gears Up

Morning Politocadoes!

We’re in the final days before the midterms and I’m coming into it feeling like


Not sure if we can prevent a post apocalyptic future, but I’m damn sure gonna try. What about the rest of you?

Things look ominous, certainly. While Brian Kemp refuses to recuse himself from the Georgia election tallies, Stacey Abrams leads him by one point. And while the US government is doing nothing through normal channels to defend the elections’ integrity, other such as the the US attorneys in the Southern District of West Virginia are implementing programs for voting day.

Is this timely? Eh. Could’ve been implemented earlier. Foregrounding ‘fraud’ makes me think they’ll concern themselves with voter impersonation mostly, but that’s me being cynical.

Meanwhile, over on Maddow. Rachel sent a team to Dodge City to see why the usual voting place was closed and voters had to go to a new polling station outside of town. While the county says that because of construction it’s impossible to get to the building, it seems like that’s not really the case.

What is it with Kansas and blatant voter fraud and suppression? You’d thnk they’d want to get away from the whole ‘Bleeding Kansas’ thing, but I digress. Hopefully this report sheds more light on it and the voters in Kansas cry foul.

Don’t be discouraged with all of this going on, I think the left has the momentum. There’s a real shot to take this country back and finally fix that damn gas leak. It looks like there are forces more powerful than any one of us are moving against us. At the end of it, all we can do is cast our ballots and hope for the best. But if we stay unifed in what we know this country stands for than I know we can win the day.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other. Mayor McSquirrel Rules is in effect because we’re better than him. Avoid digging up any Sex Clams. If you see a news item that you think is getting clammy, notify a mod to flag it.