Crunchyroll/Funimation Partnership Dead

Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (October 24th, 2018)

The anime industry has a nasty habit of releasing news on Thursday or Friday, a day or two after this thread goes up. Last week was no exception, and the news that dropped was a doozy: the Crunchyroll/Funimation partnership is ending, and Crunchyroll is partnering with anime streaming startup HIDIVE instead. This will have a number of significant impacts on anime streaming, including, inter alia, the consolidation of a greater number of titles under Crunchyroll’s parent company’s purview, as well as the loss of convenient access to “Simuldubs” to the plurality of the Western anime streaming audience. For people like me who enjoy dubbed anime, this is a huge blow; for sub purists, it’s probably a boon.

In other news, I attended the Animation Is Film festival this weekend and watched three anime films: Modest Heroes; I Want to Eat Your Pancreas; and Penguin Highway. I’ll share some (non-spoilery) thoughts on them in a subthread below.

What have you been watching/reading/eating/playing/listening to lately?