Tournament: Best Platonic Friendship on TV

I’m trying something a little new here – instead of putting nominations in the comments, add them to this Google doc.

The rules are simple and mostly self-explanatory. It has to be:

  1. A friendship
  2. That originated on television
  3. That is not primarily a romantic or sexual relationship

The third is a little ambiguous. I could make a set of arbitrary rules – i.e. it’s okay if they kissed but not if they went on a date or it’s okay if they went on a date, but not if they slept together – but instead I’m going to try to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. If you see something nominated that you think is non-platonic, or if you want to nominate someone and don’t know if it fits, post it in the comments and we’ll talk it through.

Same-gendered and differently-gendered pairs are both acceptable.

Don’t worry about upvoting anything – after a day or two, I’ll create a seeding thread to determine the bracket.

Use the comments if you have any questions I haven’t addressed. And have fun!

Update: anything nominated in the comments WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Use the Google Doc – I already linked it above, but here it is again.