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Avocado Fantasy Football Week 7

Hey everybody, it’s another week in the fantasy world down. I was being poked at while in another state to rescue my line-up with an hour left, so I’ll thank those individuals. Anyways, I still lost. My top pick hasn’t played yet, my third rounder has played a full game combined/might not play this year, my fourth rounder is now unplayable…I’m having a rough time. This year is lame. I hate it all and it’s everybody’s fault. Anyways, let’s look at the results from last week.

I lost, which is hardly important. But hey, NUME lost too! No more undefeated teams, baby. The league is wide open now, time to rise up. Though Dan is still winless, sorry Dan. For the standings on the whole, we have a weird balance. One 0-6, one 1-5, one 2-4, five 3-3, two 4-2, two 5-1. The in thing is 3-3, which I am not part of. But nonetheless, it is still open enough with that giant 3-3 sect of our league.



Now we look forward to this week. A surging Kappa vs Sludge here could be one to watch, maybe it shakes things up a bit. Perhaps Dan gets his first win this week! *looks at projected points* Well, maybe not. Anyways, here’s to more parody for this week.


Finally, I am just acknowledging the return of Derek Anderson: starter for the Bills this week, as Nathan Peterman was so bad that the locker room was ready to revolt if he played again. Who can forget Derek Anderson’s 10-6 Browns team? I will never. Live on in Derek Anderson forever, and discuss all fantasy things below.