The Travel Bug With Robert Maitland

Hello folks! Welcome to the next installment of an occasional series about travel. Last time, we looked at the ideal one day visit to your town. Today, I want to ask you something a bit different.

What is a completely mundane location that you have found in your travels that has a place in your heart?

Here’s mine: About eight years ago, a dear friend of my wife’s was diagnosed with dementia. She had lived for decades in a flat in Islington, North London, and my wife had stayed with her frequently. She was a sort of surrogate grandmother to my wife, and she was tremendously warm and welcoming to me, too.

When she was no longer to live on her own, she was moved to a care home in Highams Park, northeast of London proper, about a half hour ride from Liverpool Street Station. We called her almost every Sunday, and visited her twice, most recently last October. She passed away in May of this year, and my wife and i were both glad we’d had the chance to see her again.

Every time we’d visit, we’d stop at the Tesco near the train station to pick up some cut flowers or a small potted plant or just a packet of digestive biscuits. Going to that Tesco became a regular part of our time with our friend, and sometimes, we’d even stop in again after seeing her to stock up on tea and crisps to bring back with us to the US. And now, even with our friend gone, we still plan on taking the train up to Highams Park and getting a few little treats as a way of remembering her.

So how about you?