Best Video Game Tournament – Early Years – Quarterfinals

This is the quarterfinals for the Early Years generation of video games, covering pre-85 games including the Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision.

Please vote for one game in each pairing.

The most upvoted games will continue to the semifinals.

  • The most upvoted game was Pac-Man, probably the most well-known of all these games. It was up against Marble Madness, which turned out to be one of the two least upvoted games. This was also the biggest blowout.
  • The closest match was Space Invaders vs. Pitfall. I haven’t been voting in any of these matches so I broke the tie in favor of Space Invaders. They’re both important, influential games, but of the two, I think that Space Invaders holds up much better — in fact, I was playing it just a couple weeks ago!
  • The two least upvoted games were Marble Madness and Pong. Pong has had a formidable showing for such a primitive game, but met its end to another black-and-white arcade behemoth, Asteroids.
  • The game with the most upvotes that did not make it to the next round, other than Pitfall, was Donkey Kong. This was a surprise since Donkey Kong seemed unstoppable in the earlier rounds, but Joust just barely edge out a win.
  • This round also saw the loss of the original top-seeded game Ms. Pac-Man. She fell to Frogger while her husband soldiers on.

Voting ends 10PM EST.