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Job Rants Thread – 9/7/2018 – Group Table

Hey, all; Happy Friday!


So, in the past few weeks, I’ve had the “privilege” to be pulling down a rather large amount of overtime at my office helping out in the background due to a sudden lack of admin. staff. While the extra cash-in-pocket’s been nice, it’s also left me feeling as creatively-inclined as a medicated brine shrimp.

As such, let’s again open up the forum to some discussion. While I know that, compared to many of the other threads on this site, we’re not exactly drowning in content, I still enjoy hearing everyone’s stories, and I hope you feel the same. In that spirit, in addition to the usual rants, allow me to pose a question:

Compared to what you’re doing professionally, now, how does that stack against your initial hope, or goal? Is what you studied and/or trained for where you ended up? Are you STILL putting effort into attaining said goal?

Of course, if you don’t have, or just don’t feel like answering, feel free to just go off as needed; however, I look forward to hearing your responses.

Have a safe commute home and a good weekend; and remember: it’s 5 o’clock, somewhere.