The Superhero Tournament- Knockout Round I (Part Two)

Here we go again, 32 more heroic matchups (the second half of our first round) to tear your feelings apart. First, a look what happened Monday,

Part 1 Notable Results

  • In the race between soaring Marvel characters, Falcon edged out the Wasp 40-38. This is the biggest upset so far if judged purely from seeding.
  • Blade made a comeback to beat Plastic Man by a single vote, 36-35
  • The Silver Silver took a  44-41 win over Buffy, who’s eligibility for this tournament was dubious.
  • Green Arrow shot over Frozone 45-40
  • In a duel between an iconic hero and a younger fan favorite, Squirrel Girl over took Hal Jordan by 41-38
  • Likely boosted by her portrayal in Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, Shuri upset the Black Widow 41-36
  • Steve Rogers led in total votes with 80, while the other Captain America- Isaiah Bradley- got the lowest at 6 in his tough matchup with the Web Slinger.
  • Once again, you can keep up with the full tournament here.

Assume all basic Avocado Tournament Rules apply. To repeat myself,  below is the second half of the first knockout round. You will have about a day to vote on them.