Sports Corner – July 18

Last week, the Politics Thread used a photo of All Star Game starter Max Scherzer as its lead, so I figure it’s only fair that I use a politician.  And as it turns out, it’s a good moment to salute basketball legend and former US senator Bill Bradley as he approaches his 75th birthday later this month.  His claims to fame on the court are many – Olympic gold medalist, two time NBA champ with the Knicks, Hall of Famer – even as he excelled as a Rhodes Scholar and then represented New Jersey in the Senate.

Fun fact about Bradley: back when he graduated Princeton, the NBA had a territorial draft, meant to keep popular college stars in the same markets as their schools and boost the struggling pro teams.  Princeton is two miles closer to NYC than to Philly.  Two miles.  I think Knicks fans were not complaining.

Elsewhere, today is traditionally the deadest day of the year in sports.  The All Star break is not over, football training camp is not open, all the free agents worth mentioning are signed in hockey and basketball, and the Open Championship hasn’t started yet.  But maybe, after an exciting Wimbledon and a thrilling World Cup, maybe we need a break.

Just don’t ask me to watch the ESPYs.

As ever, all topics are welcome.

Late news: Machado to the Dodgers; Kawhi-DeRozan swap brewing; Josh Hader racist tweets in HS.