Sports Corner – July 11

Among the various free agent signings was the somewhat surprising news that Tony Parker, longtime San Antonio Spur, possible future Hall of Famer, and France’s most famous basketball star, is joining the Charlotte Hornets.  It’s pretty common, of course, for players to change teams these days.  But it’s not so common for someone to leave after 17 years (only Karl Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon left after staying with one team longer). Seeing him in Hornets purple instead of Spurs black and white will be a shock.  I wish him well, even as we all wait to see what happens next with his former team.

Elsewhere in sports:

  • No need to delve deep into the World Cup here (thanks to the thread elsewhere on the site), but it’s really the big story as the final comes into sight.
  • Wimbeldon, featuring the same stars you know and love, and a host of players you have never heard of, nears its finale, too.
  • Announcing your 2018 MLB All Stars!  But does anyone care?  Craig Calcaterra argues no:
  • Football training camp is coming.  But does anyone understand the new helmet rule?

As ever, discussion of all sports is welcome.