The Third Annual Dare Me To Write A Terrible Artist Spotlight Challenge

Are we on the third year of torturing my ears already? How time does fly. The Artist Spotlight series has slowed down a bit in recent months, as the Avocado’s lifestyle changed following our move to WordPress and the welcome addition of hundreds of new users. Also, a few of us who were pretty prolific about writing these basically used up all the artists we wanted to profile.

But that still leaves the ones we hate.

Here’s the idea. You nominate musicians or bands that are terrible, in the comments below. I will write a spotlight on the one that receives the most upvotes by midnight 6/27. Previous entries in this shameful series include ringtone rapper Soulja Boy Tell’em (2016) and celebrity vanity act Dogstar (2017).

So start remembering those songs that make you gag, and force me to learn that musician’s entire oeuvre. The spotlight will be posted some time next week.

Whoever wins, we lose.