Best Sitcom Supporting Character Tournament, Finals

Well, this is it. After a nomination process with over 250 names submitted, 128 characters making the final cut, and a couple of weeks of grueling dueling, we’re down to our two final characters.

But let’s not forget, we also have a third place match. Who will be competing in that?

At the top of our bracket, we had Cheers’ Norm Peterson vs. Frasier‘s Niles Crane. The dark horse of the tournament continued his run, picking up the lead early and never letting up. Niles advances, 81-61. Norm is not happy.

As far as the lack of Niles GIFs, you only have yourselves to blame.

At the bottom of our bracket, George Costanza of Seinfeld took on Arrested Development‘s Lucille Bluth. Though George ran out to an early lead, Lucille rallied over the next two days, coming all the way back to force a 77-77 tie.

From then on, though, it was all George. The final score was actually George Costanza, 83-76, which I’m sure has you wondering just as much as I am who pulled their vote for Lucille. She’s suspicious.

And so the door shuts on Lucille Bluth’s chances.

We called to congratulate George, but we couldn’t reach him.

The third place match will be (8) Norm Peterson vs. (3) Lucille Bluth.

Now, let’s go to the numbers for our championship preview.


Name Niles Crane George Costanza
Tournament Seed 29 18
Height 5’9″ 5’5″
Location Seattle New York City
Occupation Psychiatrist Real Estate, Rest Stop Supplies, Publishing, Latex Salesman (Fictitious), Assistant to the Traveling Secretary for the New York Yankees, Marine Biologist (Fictitious), Playground Equipment, Industrial Smoothing, Architect (Fictitious)
Previous Relationships Maris (Ex-Wife) Susan (Ex-Fiancé, Deceased)
Essential Traits Intelligent, Erudite, Fussy, Hopelessly in love with his father’s physical therapist “A short, stocky, slow-witted bald man”
Emmy Nominations 11 7
Emmys 4 0
Relationship to germs Mysophobic Pees in shower, eats food from trash
Conflicts With Father Blue-collar man’s man who doesn’t share his tastes or affectations Complete lunatic who forces him to wrestle at invented holiday
Ends Series Birth of first son In jail

I’m going to do this slightly differently than before. I’m going to post the third-place matchup first before the finale. I’m also going to post threads for people to make their cases for Niles and George respectively– post your favorite quotes, clips, highlights. Then I’ll post the stats and the usual discussion thread.

The usual voting rules apply. I post the matchup, I reply with the two candidates, you upvote where you have a preference. (You can upvote both or neither if you wish.) Downvotes will not be noticed or recognized. Leave comments as mentioned above and has been done previously.

Since it’s the final, I’m going to leave the match open for three days, and thus we should conclude late Friday night. I estimate around this time– i.e. 11 PM Central– although of course we’ll need to give some leeway based on my own plans and/or the state of the matches.

The full bracket is here.

It’s time to choose for good, Avocado. Who’s the greatest supporting sitcom character of all time?