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Sports Corner – June 6

I can’t say for sure that I watched the 1981 NFC Championship live.  But The Catch was certainly something that very quickly became part of my football awareness, same as did for everyone else.  It was one of those moments that defined the sport at its long ago best, even as it launched the 49ers dynasty that would endure for the next decade.  So the untimely passing of Dwight Clark stings even for those of us who didn’t root for the Niners but who appreciated Montana and Craig and Rice and Walsh and that special franchise.  Even as we wonder, once more, if there is a connection between the sport they excelled at and the disease that claimed Clark’s life.


  • We also note the passing of Basketball Hall of Famer CM Newton, college coach and administrator
  • The Capitals are one win away from the first title ever.  (But it’s hockey, and coming back from a 3-1 deficit is not impossible.)
  • The Warriors are two wins away from their first title in nearly a year.  (But LeBron is used to coming back from deficits.  Despite JR Smith, one would think.)
  • There’s some stuff going on with the Eagles and some guy who lives in Washington, DC.  (I assume it’s been talked to death on the politics thread, but as it’s also sports story, commentary is still welcome.)
  • Get well, Dave Gettleman (diagnosed on Tuesday with lymphoma)
  • Baseball season rolls along.  How are the Mariners keeping pace with the Astros?

A programming note: I will be far distant from my keyboard next week, so I can’t do a post. I trust that, judging by the past, there will be plenty of World Cup coverage here.   And I will hopefully return in two weeks.