Name That Band! (By This Frinkiac)

I think we can handle another week of this, yeah? I’m posting now mostly because this is when I have the free time to do it, and also I have some that haven’t been guessed yet that I want guessed.


  1. Use a picture or GIF from either Frinkiac or Morbotron that goes along with your lyrics!
  2. NO CHEATING by using a search engine! This is only going to be fun if you use your own knowledge or best guess!
  3. Don’t post an entire song!  Just a few lines of lyrics!
  4. Try to choose bands that are well-known enough to at least give us a chance.
  5. Try to guess at others’ posts at least as much as you contribute your own!

Example GIF below, from someone who made a bit of a stir last weekend with her choice of date to the Met Gala: