Jeopardy! recap for Thur., May 10

Jeopardy! recap for Thur., May 10 – Game four of the Teachers Tournament featured these contestants:

– Katherine, high school English and French from Alameda, CA, who incorprates farm visits in her teaching;
– Indi, 8th grade science from Seattle, WA, who wants students to be in control of their learning; and
– Beth, 6th grade from Fort Collins, CO, who dealt with cows as part of a five-student class.

Low-scoring affair in which all three players had to assume they needed to improve if they were to advance as a wild card. Going into FJ it was Katherine with $7,000, Beth at $6,800 and Indi with $2,500.

DD1 – GREAT AMERICAN NOVELS – This Dreiser novel lives up to its title: Clyde dies in the electric chair for murdering his pregnant girlfriend (Katherine won $1,000)

DD2 – ASIAN GEOGRAPHY – A large region of Turkey also known as Asia Minor is called this, from the Greek for “east” (Indi lost $2,500)

DD3 – AN APPELLATION FOR THE TEACHER – A Yorkshireman, Alcuin was “schoolmistress to France” & taught this first Holy Roman Emperor (Indi lost $2,000)

FJ – WOMEN WRITERS – On her 2012 passing this Oscar nominee was described as “an essayist and humorist in the Dorothy Parker mold” (but funnier)

Only Katherine was correct on FJ, moving to the next round by adding $6,601 to win with $13,601. Indi lost $2,000 and was eliminated at $500, while Beth, who dropped $4,000 to finish at $2,800, still has hope as the lowest score still alive in the wild card chase. In the upcoming fifth and final game of this round, both runners-up can advance with scores of over $5,600.

Triple Stumper of the day: Plenty to choose from, but I’ll go with the players not knowing the nickname of 1850s military instructor Jackson was “Stonewall”.

This day in Trebekistan: In the tradition of Billy Crystal, Alex offered his impression of jazz great Louis Armstrong.

Judging the writers: Not sure I’d describe the action on “Six Feet Under” as “hijinks”.

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What is “An American Tragedy”?
DD2 – What is Anatolia?
DD3 – Who was Charlemagne?
FJ – Who was Nora Ephron?