Cool Cat Saves the Night Thread

Here’s what you need to know about Cool Cat: Cool Cat is cool. Cool Cat is into cool things. Cool Cat has cool friends. And Cool Cat hates bullying, because bullying isn’t cool. Unlike Cool Cat.

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But seriously, who wouldn’t want to be Cool Cat? I mean, his parents are Daddy Derek and Mama Cat. They are super cool!

cool cat 2
Cool Cat also lives a really cool life, doing really cool things. And he loves all the kids! Too bad he has to deal with Butch the Bully, but fortunately, we have Cool Cat. He will always be there to save us! Take that, Butch! You have no friends!

cool cat 3
Cool Cat is also into cool things like alternative fuels. In fact, he LOVES them! That’s pretty darn cool of you, Cool Cat!

cool cat 4
Cool Cat also LOVES the soldiers! All of them, and from every branch of the military!

cool cat 6
Cool Cat is even on Twitter, where he’s strangely active…and apparently doesn’t know when he’s being trolled….

cool cat 1010

So, sleep well, knowing that Cool Cat loves you! And if you want to be a cool guy or gal, be like Cool Cat!

cool cat 101