“My Purity Ball and Chain” American Dad! S15 E11

Hey folks!  Dik here, subbing for Aranaktu, and what a great episode to step in for.  I’ve said it time and again, it still boggles my mind that the show can still turn out good stuff after 15 seasons, and tonight they were firing on all cylinders.

Stan, in usual Stan fashion, is so anxious about giving Steve “the talk” about sex that he goes through truly insane ways to avoid it.  Francine pressures him after he winds up destroying four brooms in one month via sexual concourse.  Much like he couldn’t stand to hear Francine tell him “I told you so” way back in the early days, Stan’s selfish cowardice puts Steve in even worse danger of turning out messed up than anything he could have told him himself: encouraging Steve to join a “purity group” in which fathers “date” their daughters (or in Stan’s case, his son).  Steve winds up falling in mutual affection with one of the girls there and Stan sends him away to get mentally reprogrammed A Clockwork Orange-style at a Sex Aversion Camp.

Meanwhile, Roger, Hayley, Jeff, and Klaus try to recreate the joys of a previous water park vacation in their own backyard, so they decide to build a waterslide for their own backyard pool.  The slide winds up being so tall that it jettisons the first guy to try it halfway across town.  “Slide Detective” Dick Turlington (sadly not Forrest Whitaker this time) shows up to solve the mystery of the guy’s disappearance and is satisfied only when Roger takes one for the team and nearly skins himself alive slowing himself down.

Anyway, both A-plot and B-plot were top-notch and I was laughing ridiculously loud and long for more times than I can count.  Just an insane number of hilarious visuals and jokes that were as funny as they were creepy and wrong.  They still have the magic!

Grade: A

I didn’t write any of the quotes down, so feel free to share them below!