Shoeless Trivia: Only Children

After wading through a Facebook feed full of fecund families on Tuesday, I’m happy to note that it’s National Only Child Day today, when we celebrate the true heroes.

  1. What is the English translation for the name of landmark indicated by number 3 on this map? This attraction celebrates a notable work of a famous only child.onlychild2
  2. Betty White was the oldest of the actors who played The Golden Girls. Who was the youngest?
  3. Of the first two women admitted as members to Augusta National golf club, which one was an only child? Her name comes from an Italian phrase meaning “with sweetness”.
  4. Not only did Harry Potter have no siblings, shortly after his first birthday he had no parents. Name the village where he was orphaned.
  5. Teller, of Penn & fame, directed a documentary about inventor Tim Jenison’s efforts to use optical instruments to duplicate a work (shown below) by what 17th century painter?onlychild1

  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. Rue McClanahan
  3. Condaleezza Rice
  4. Godric’s Hollow
  5. Johannes Vermeer