The Night Thread Is Not A Robot

As a lot of Avocados may realize, I am a big fan of the anime series Nichijou (“My Ordinary Life”), and as part of my tireless evangelism the show, I decided to make my first open thread about it. Airing for only one 26-episode season in 2011, Nichijou was an adaptation of Keiichi Arawi’s comedic manga. For the most part, the series consists of short vignettes, ranging from slice-of-life (being overwhelmed by options at a coffee shop, for instance) to absurd (a principal wrestles a deer for some reason), and everything in between.

One of my favorite characters in the show is Nano Shionome. Nano is a robot girl, albeit an absurdly human-like one (incredible pitching skills and hidden machine guns aside). Nano is self conscious about her non-humanity, and is particularly embarrassed by the wind up key on her back.

nano 2

Nano desires to pass as a human, but her creator, an 8 year old girl called The Professor, isn’t having it.


Serving as a big-sister figure to the Professor (the two also live with Sakamoto-san, a stray cat granted speech via the Professor, and the seldom seen Biscuit #2, another robot that is powered by biscuits), Nano plays the straight man to the hyperactive  Professor; who, despite being a genius, often acts like a typical kid.

professor 2

Despite the Flying Circus-esque structure of Nichijou, there are some subtle plot lines which are revisited throughout the series; one of the most heartwarming is Nano’s ongoing quest to be “normal”.

Sadly, the Nichijou anime didn’t do so well in Japan, with DVD sales not even covering the production budget. As such, the rest of the (now completed) manga has not been adapted (Arawi has since started a new manga called City). It did gain a cult following in the West, with a Blu Ray coming out last year. I highly recommend it.