The Rick and Morty Sauce is Here

Well, so much for that nine season series arc…

As you’ve all probably heard by now, McDonald’s has brought back their Szechaun sauce at apparently every location today across the US. The sauce, as you all know, was originally released as a marketing tie-in for Disney’s Mulan, but became a hot topic of pop culture when Rick of Rick and Morty declared it the most delicious sauce ever created and lamented over it being gone.

Now we can all try it…or, at least, we can so long as no one stabs us on our way to get our hands on some. In my case, I may not be able to get some until as late as Thursday, so I’m praying the location near me won’t be sold out by the time I can go in and buy some french fries to dip into it. Also, it’s Shamrock Shake season! That alone is an excuse to go.

So, have at it! Have you had the sauce yet? Were there lines? Or was McDonald’s already out by the time you got there?