“Shell Game” American Dad! S15 E4

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 4
Shell Game
Grade: A+

All the individual segments of American Dad were firing on all cylinders tonight, with Rogers getting to preform an exotic madness, and Steve somehow bringing together a triangle of grim horror, Italian movie fantasies, and hobby-related whimsy.

The ‘Bird Friend’s song’ and its reprise were great brackets between the incredibly dark ‘hardy boys-esque adventure sandwiched in between. The shifts in tone between the bits was very well handled, from the law enforcement precinct chaos leading to the ‘insider trading’ quip to the bizarre Italian sauce sub-plot Stan and the rest of the family got involved with.

What could have been (and kind of was until it got redeemed a bit at the end) a groan worthy series of offensive bits jelled a little with Steve’s deadpan “What the hell is in that sauce.” towards the end.

Individual line reading were also on point tonight, as were the musical ques. The Commodore made a fabulous villain, both esoteric and vengeful.

Random Observations
“Birds. Steve.”
• “I believe we go back into an egg when we die.”
• “That is one sexy snake.”
• “Bird watchin’ buddies!”