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Film Club: Week 2 (Beginners)

Hello all, this isn’t the discussion thread yet but like Greetings Feline did last week I decided to do a separate thread to announce this weeks movie.

This weeks movie being Mike Mills’s Beginners

Why this movie?

I had some plans to go obscure with indie gems on my entry and while Netflix and Hulu have tons of cool not really seen indie cinema allot of the movies I found on there were rather depressing or the definition of being a bit off. Not that it’s a bad thing but with the upcoming classics drama’s Mr Greene and Doctor Nick has lined up I thought of something a bit more grounded in comedy.

That’s fun but who made it?

Beginners is graphical artist/director Mike Mills second movie following his debut Thumbsucker and other works that include Air’s All I Need video and commercials for brands like Nike and Gap. Where his first movie was a loveable but quirky coming of age story the best way to describe Beginners is as a drama with some very overly comedic undertones.

Ok cool, but what is it about?

A film driven by flashbacks it’s a film about family, relationships and has Christopher Plummer playing maybe his best role in years as the father of the family who after the death of his wife blooms into his own person. It’s a movie hard to talk about without spoiling everything but it’s an extremely charming movie that is mostly about enjoying life and finding peace with being yourself.

Oh yeah and the cast, besides Plummer you got Ewan McGregor maybe doing his finest role in ages and Mélanie Laurent who is great as usual. Also a dog, the best dog.

Sounds good to me where can I watch it?

Netflix Hulu Amazon Sling TV Hulu Live YouTube TV PS Vue Redbox Crackle Other
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So yeah

Discussion goes up on sunday 3 PM ET