The Hungry Weekly History Thread

Welcome to this week’s History Thread!

Topic: Food! Discuss historical food; meals, dishes and delicacies of far-away people, the impact of food on history (wars have been fought over foodstuffs, especially spices and sugar), the evolution of cuisine over time. However you want to approach this delectable topic!

About today’s picture: Most people only know the American Revolution as a fight on the American continent, between American colonists (with assistance from France) and British troops, and maybe some Native Americans were involved? In fact, the American Revolution was a world war as much as the Seven Years War and other Anglo-French conflicts of that era were. And one of the war’s most dramatic actions was the Siege of Gibraltar, which lasted a staggering three-and-a-half years, from June 1779 to February 7th, 1783. A Franco-Spanish force attempted to subdue British forces holding the Rock of Gibraltar, only to fail time and again due to a fierce resistance led by George Augustus Elliott.

The war sapped French and especially Spanish resources that might have gone elsewhere. In particular, the Spanish planned an invasion of the British Isles as part of their war effort, but ultimately scrapped it as the troops and ships they’d earmarked for the invasion were tied down at Gibraltar. In fact, the British managed to win just about every battle of the war outside of the Americas, which goes to show how fickle history can be.