Werewolves LII: All The President’s Chicken McNuggets

Ah well, I discovered too late that Owen already did a White House themed game two months ago. Too bad. You will have to deal with another soul-crushing one now. And in case you are wondering: We are overlapping games currently, because demand is high. This one will kick off on Monday.

However, apart from the theme, the setup itself is going to be very different from everything we’ve ever done, I think. We’re going to try a lot of new things, so this game may add another dimension to Werewolf or simply not work and crash and burn and suck. Let’s find out! The biggest novelty is that the factions not only play against each other, but also have to work together against the game itself (and by extension the Serial Killer, so the poor sop finally has more than a miniscule chance to win this thing). Here it goes:

The Setup
After months and months of endless chaos and upheaval, the White House finally runs smoothly. 20 new aides have been ushered in and they have found the ideal way to deal with the notoriously dumb manchild in charge: By locking him away in front of a TV and keeping him happy and sedated with a steady stream of fast food, while they make all the decisions. With this stability achieved and Congress still in Republican hands, there seems to be nothing in the way of finally enacting the republican agenda. However, there are rumours that a bunch of secretly liberal aides have infiltrated the White House. They know that the President is dumb, gullible, easily manipulated and agrees with whoever addressed him last, so they hope by getting rid of all the Republican aides, they can build their utopia and turn the entire country into San Francisco. And they intend to do so through stone-cold murder, because that is totally something you can do without repercussions in the White House.

The President’s Spirit
However, the President is also notoriously volatile and erratic and he has the nuclear button in his bedroom where he is locked up. If his spirit – which is ranked on a scale from 0 to 10 – hits rock bottom, there is no doubt he will use it. Neither the republicans nor the liberals want that. Various random news events will affect his spirit throughout the days and both factions will have to work together to keep it up. Also, the continued demise of his aides will affect his mood negatively or positively as well, depending on how much he liked or disliked the aide.

Fast Food Runs
Besides some events that will also affect the President’s spirit positively, there is only one way to keep him happy: Through a never ending stream of fast food. At various times per day (up to 3 times) the President will demand two aides to go get some for him.

– A random group of 3 to 5 aides will be available for the task and the aides decide among themselves within a certain time frame through upvotes which two of this group to send (or the option “Nobody”, which will lower the spirit by 1 point).

– The two players chosen get to decide privately in their QTs if they want to kill the other player.

– However, this only matters when they are part of competing factions. If two republicans are sent, they return with two servings of food and the President’s spirit is raised by 2 points. If two liberals are sent, the same happens, no matter what their answers in the QTs are. Though a player who votes “yes” won’t be able to pick up food, so the President’s spirit is not raised.

– If players from competing factions are sent and one decides to attack the other, the attacked player will not return to the White House. If both want to kill one another, a coin toss will decide who gets to return.

– A supply run that ends up with only one player returning will have no effect on raising the President’s spirit. However, the missing aide also doesn’t affect his mood.

– The faction of the aides who go missing will not be revealed.

– Various powers can screw with the mechanics throughout the game.

Everyone has the suspicion that there is one aide among them who doesn’t care for either agenda. He is the notorious and enigmatic Steve Kannon, or S.K., in disguise who just wants to see the world go up in flames. Not only does he also decimate the staff during night time, he also sits on several bombshells he’s waiting to unleash strategically to severely dampen the President’s mood and push him over the nuclear edge (no more than one per day). He is invincible on fast food runs and if he wants you dead during one, you are dead.

Various additional powers
And as if the game weren’t complicated enough already, there are several day and night powers that will be handed out in addition to the special roles that do already exist. Make sure to check your QTs at the beginning of day and night, because there might be a little surprise in there.


12 x Republican Aides
1 x Republican Doctor – Gets to protect one player per night.
1 x Republican Detective – Gets to investigate 1 player per night to reveal their faction

1 x Serial Killer – One night kill per night / Turns up town when investigated by the Detective

3 x Liberal Aides – The scum faction gets one night kill per night. They share a QT.
1 x Liberal Doctor – Gets to protect one player per night.
1 x Liberal Recruiter – Gets to make a recruitment every other night, starting with Night 2

The Players
1. LetItSnowen1120
3. Smapti Jones
4. HappiestMann@Uriab
5. E-Dog
6. Gubna Flunto
7. Subsaharan
8. Terrible Renegade LibraryLass
9. Clodia
10. Annanomally in Hawkins
11. El Marinero
12. Onan the Barbarian
13. Captain Video
14. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
15. Spiny Creature
16. forget_it_jake
17. Liz156
18. TCRM
19. HolsIsATuringFanGirl
20. Mello Yello Enthusiast

Note: I’m in a different timezone than most of you folks, so I need to figure out which times work for all of us.