“Garbage Stan” American Dad! S14 E20

American Dad! Season 14 Episode 20
Garbage Stan
Grade: A-

Was this… was this the same show as last week? Because there was more humor in the cold open than in the entirety of last week’s show. Now this was the expert laugh-a-minute subversion of expectations I expect. The sad shot of Klaus rolling up his poster (worsened by the callback), the pregnant pause after “oh forest green’d be nice,” all the little Stan touches, the Roger kidnapping…

Only a couple of little details were off. That biz about Roger being South Dakota Slims? Genius, because, of course he was. The extended conversation with his headlessly shot mother like something out of a peanuts cartoon? Unnecessary and bizarre. Stan’s giving Homer a run for his money for ‘new jobs started even though he’s supposed to be working 9-5.’ And Stan’s dad has been done to death at this point. But the episode was so joyful! Looking forward to a rewatch someday.

Random Observations:
Is… that a song?
It could be!

I instantly realized that didn’t work
The Avocado

Yep. I was a real racist little shit.