Werewolf 48: Heart of Darkness PPV – Day 4½

Almost immediately after Lucy Ferr lands in the water, you hear a helicopter rotor – and, underneath it, “Ride of the Valkyries.” Only one man in the western professional wrestling scene has that as his theme.

“Oh no,” says Wendy.

Q. Steve Dougson’s personal helicopter, the Smiting Blow, touches down on the top deck of the steamboat, which totters dangerously under the load. Undeterred, Q. Steve jumps out, followed by a squad of camera operators. You see your own faces played back in the boat’s TV screens – this is live.

“You can’t do this,” says Wendy, rushing between you and Q. Steve.

“You don’t even know what it is yet,” he says, eyebrows up.

“It can’t be legal, whatever it is.”

Steve waves a hand to the camera crew. “Do you want to disappoint the viewers at home? Some of them are your viewers.

“N-no,” says Wendy, unsure of herself.

“Then welcome to Fight on a Boat™!

“Did you just say the trademark symbol out loud?”

Fight on a Boat

Today is an event day. There will not be a normal lynch. Read the rules carefully.

Two of the SRCW wrestlers must fight Q. Steve Dougson and Gnarly Carl in a go-home show that none of you were warned about. The stakes are double or nothing: If you win, nobody gets eliminated tonight. If you lose, both SRCW wrestlers will be eliminated.

Vote for the wrestlers you want to fight Q. Steve and Gnarly Carl. You may nominate yourselves. If there’s a tie for first place, both people get in; if there’s a tie for second place, I’ll choose one of the two at random. If for some reason NOBODY votes, I will also pick two people at random. Q. Steve will not be denied Fight on a Boat™.

Once selected, the two wrestlers will guess a number between 1 and 20 in their QTs. The closeness of their numbers (averaged) determines how well they do in the match. If the average is within five points in either direction of the target number, they win. If it isn’t, they lose. The target number will be chosen randomly.

If one or both of the elected wrestlers are wolves, they will be given the number in the wolf QT. (This is because they’re in cahoots with Q. Steve, and know his plans.) Whether the wolves choose to win or lose the match is up to them.

While you’re all taking in the terms of this onerous deal, someone shoves The Avocado Dream over the side. Wendy sees him fall – but not who pushed him – and sighs a deep sigh that turns into a growl.

The Avocado Dream (InDEEEEED) has been eliminated. He was TOWN.


  1. E-Dog
  3. Smapti
  4. Pearl Sheltie – TOWN
  5. Capt. Lindsay Funke – JAILKEEPER
  6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
  7. Dr. Nick – WOLF
  8. Flubba Gunto
  9. Milkproof Robot
  10. BannerThief
  11. Library Lass – TV HOST
  12. Spookyfriend
  13. Owen1120 – DETECTIVE
  14. Zecko – SERIAL KILLER
  15. Grumproro
  16. Ralph Waldo Wiggum
  17. Subsaharan
  18. Lockeout
  19. MacCrocodile/Forget It Jake (tag team) – TOWN
  20. Spiny Creature – WOLF


12 9 wrestlers (vanilla town)

4 2 traitors (wolves)

1 rogue wrestler (serial killer)

1 booker (detective, town aligned)

1 TV camera operator (jailer, town aligned)

1 TV host (custom role – flip-flops alignments)

Day 4½ ends Thursday at 5 p.m. EST (countdown)