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Tagging and Categorizing Primer

Hey there, ya danguses. I’m here today to teach you a little about the tagging and categorizing system. First up: Categories!


Now, when you make your post, you want it to show up under a certain category. We have broad categories attached to menus, and your post will surely fit under one of them. If you’re writing an expose` on dad emo electronic dance music, but there isn’t a specific “dad emo electronic dance music” category, that’s fine. You just click music to toss it under. Don’t add a new category, it just jumbles things up for us admins.

Now we get to Tags!


Now, unlike in many other places on the internet, this is a place where tags actually do things. Tags will put your post under the proper submenu. If you’re doing a write-up on an episode of Ball Fondlers, toss Ball Fondlers in as a tag, and it will go into the menu. But really, Ball Fondlers is the only tag you would need. You don’t need to tag every single topic in you’ve addressed in your post. Now, when I did my first Chitty Chat last week, I tagged it only under Chitty Chat, so it would show up under that menu, and television because it was TV related. There needn’t be a slog of hashtagged categories in your post. The bare minimum is what’s best here. Just make sure it’s going to go under the right menu and you’re good to go. There’s no need to tag your Ball Fondlers review with #Guns, #Sports, #Dolphins, #I Like Cake, #Burlap. Just #Ball Fondlers is fine.

Anyway, that about wraps up the tagging primer. This should make things easier since it’s less work for everyone.

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