A New and Improved TV Section

Hello tv fans. One of the things I am most excited about with this new move it that the ability to organize threads gives us a real chance for tv club to take off. Over on Disqus, threads got buried so quickly that unless you were watching the program live, odds are you weren’t going to find them by the time you got to your dvr. Well now that’s changed. I think we can really get this section of our community going now that we can sort our shows through a menu.

So I know a bunch have people have already claimed which shows they would like to be doing so instead of implementing a new sign up, I’m just going to bring over the one we already have and make a link for it on the site. The link to the signup sheet will be under the Site Info portion of the menu. We now have the ability to schedule threads ahead of time, so I wanted to ask you all how you would like to proceed. My personal preference would be to have a show thread go up at a uniform time weekly, like a minute after the show airs west coast, and whoever posted that thread could later go in and edit the header to include their review/recap. And I would love love love if more people did proper writeups, like are own set of reviewers. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and get my Mindhuter writeups done now that my site project isn’t monopolizing my time.

There are people who like to do live chats for shows. I’m not going to put an end to those, but I will be going in and closing comments on the live chats once an episode has ended. That way traffic to reviews isn’t being lost to people who are going to live chats by mistake. Streaming shows that drop all at once (AKA the Netflix model) will be allowed to have a spoiler space for the entire season to whoever makes one first, but individual episode reviews are allowed to be claimed by one person. I think its reasonable to permit the author 2 days per episode to get one up, but let me know your opinion on this, so we can set a standard rule.

AWP, Mindy and I have been maintaining the menus on the site, so once we see a show is being covered, it will get its own spot under the tv section of the menu. On your end, all you need to do when writing a review is put it under the Category of TV and the tag should have the show name. I also request that in the title you include the name of the show as well as the season and episode. If you’d like to include the episode title, that’d be great, but its not a requirement.

A Winged Potato will be posting a thread on Monday, 11/6 at 4pm EST introducing his Classic Coverage section and his plans for it on this site.

Here is the sign-up sheet for TV reviews (though it is largely full already) which you can find under Site Info -> Sign Up Sheets -> TV Review Sign Up Sheet.

TV Review Sign-Up Sheet